Climatewater Bridging the gap between adaptation strategies of
climate change impacts and European water policies
Seventh Framework Programme
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    Table for participants and intended presentations in the Final Symposium of the ClimateWater project

    Partner noNames of all participants from this PartnerNames of persons who intend to make presentationsShort title of presentationsSession name (number) to which it corresponds*
    P1, VITUKIProf Dr. Jolánkai Géza
    Pataki Beata
    Mandoki monika
    Eszter tóth
    All will deliver presentations
    see the final program later
    All or in nearly all WPs (2-6)



    P4, USFTom van der Voorn
    Tom van der Voorn
    1st presentation: Building adaptive capacity in an European context
    2nd presentation: A review of policy gaps in the EU WFD and water pollution control
    3rd presentation: Adapting to climate change in Europe – options for EU action
    1st presentation:
    16:45 – 17:45 Session8: Building adaptive capacities
    2nd presentation:  Session 13
    14:00-14:30 Session 13: Identifying and bridging gaps in water related European policies
    3rd presentation  14:30 -17:00 Session 14 Identifying and bridging gaps in water related European policies

    P5 GeEcoMarProf. Marian Traian GOMOIU
    Prof. Marian Traian GOMOIU
    1st presentation: Navigating on the Ocean of Climate Water Data - An Endless Journey

    2nd presentation: Task leader report: 5.7 Nature Conservation.
    1st presentation:
    "10:00-12:00 Session 3 on Water-related impacts on nature, the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem" (Oct.13,2011);
    2nd presentation:
    "14:30-17:00 Two or three parallel sessions on the gaps of major policies" (Oct.14, 2011)

    P6 GeonardoZsolt Jolankai
    Zsolt Jolankai
    1st Presentation: Floods in a changing climate
    2nd Presentation:
    Options towards a more flexible flood management
    3rd Presentation: The EU Flood Directive - Policy Gaps?
    1st presenatation:
    Session 1 Direct impacts
    2nd Presentation
    Session 6. Damage prevention and mitigation strategies in water management
    3rd Presentation:
    Two or three parallel sessions on the gaps of major policies

    P7 UNVIENProf. Georg Janauer, Eva Lanz, Norbert Exler
    Prof. Georg Janauer, Eva Lanz
    1st Presentation: CC Impacts on aqatic ecosystems
    2nd presentation: CC and ecohydrology
    1st Presentation Session 3
    2nd Presentation
    Session 10


    P9 SHMUIng. Lotta Blaąkovičová, PhD.
    RNDr. Peter ©koda
    Ing. Jana Dömenyová
    Mgr. Anna Molnárová


    P11 MRA

    *Remark: Consider the time available for that session

    1. Please note that it is likely not possible to make presentations in each of the 47 topics of the Project during the two days.
    2. Presentations should be shortened and new in comparison to those of the former meetings of the project, considering the timeframes of the parallel session, allowing time also for session reporters.

    Non-ClimateWater participants
    Name of companyName of the person intending to make a presentationShort title of the presentationSession name (number) to which it corresponds*

    *Remark: Consider the time available for that session

    Important note for Non-ClimateWater participants:
    All participants (with or without presentations) shall ask for a registration form from VITUKI Conference Organizers (Ms. Szilvia Godor, ) and Mr József Tichy-Rács, ). They should also ask for the price of the catering services during the conference. Note, however, that the use of VITUKI facilities (rooms, beamers other devices) is free of charge.